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Frank Grossman has extensive experience as a career advisor, resume writer, and workforce development specialist in New York City and Philadelphia. He has helped thousands of candidates create resumes that make them shine. You may contact Frank at or view his Website at for additional information.

Many employment specialists favor using a traditional cover letter during your job search. A cover letter is a business letter that accompanies your resume, much like the business letter that traditionally accompanies many business documents. A business letter helps ensure that documents enclosed with it go to the correct person, and that the desired person […]

Soon, most employers and employees will not know of a time when computers were not ubiquitous at work. The “Computer Skills” section of the resume may be obsolete when that time comes. Computer literacy, like language literacy—reading and writing—will be assumed even if this is not stated on the resume. For the time being, though, […]

  Now that we have a heading on our screen, and a resume outline, we are ready to fill in the next level of the outline—an outline of our professional history. Most of us will find this part pretty easy because we know where we worked and when we worked there. Some of us will […]

  Recently, an organization I was assisting sent me a file of resumes to look at. I looked at them and at first glance did not think the job candidates had much potential, but I was wrong. The reason I was unimpressed, I realized, was because the resumes all had weak objective statements, so, it […]

Most of us are going to put our contact information at the top of our resume without giving the information much thought. We know our name, address, phone number, and email address, so there isn’t much to think about. Unfortunately, some of us unwittingly include or exclude information that may put us at a disadvantage. […]

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